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On Budgets and BS

Since when does saving money where it was (unrealistically) promised become a bad thing?

Minnesota’s budget debacle is one area of our recent history that highlights this strange question well.  One side of the aisle lambasts the other for not caring about those who are hurt by the necessary cuts in government spending, yet no one acknowledges it was the government programs over-reaching promises and natural tendency of governments to overspend (or to spend less than frugally) on everything they touch that put the unassuming public in a place where the well-intentioned program could hurt them when the bills came due, and the program was cut.

We can wishy-washy change dollar amounts here and there, as long as no one’s ‘sacred cow’ program is cut, but in reality the whole of government is too big, from Federal to State and Local.  It tries to do too much, and it does it all on credit; that of our children, no less.

It all needs cut, and we all need to rely less on the leviathan of the State and more on ourselves and each other.  That way when government goes broke, we’re all hurt significantly less.  Look at Greece, more government employees and those harmed by government shutdown than anywhere else, and how quickly the riots ensue when economic reality comes to light, while programs and employees are cut.

We blast the political class, rightly, for their hand in all of this, but if we did not accept the money they doled out as any sort of a ‘right’ to have, then we would not be nearly as distraught when the money was no longer there.

The Minnesota Democratic party said the Republican budget was ‘morally bankrupt,’ as it cut ‘needed programs,’ but is it not the lie that the ‘helpful program’ would work forever that is in itself morally bankrupt?  It is no more morally bankrupt than someone who tells the truth in light of a past lie rather than make up new lies to drag it out longer, delaying the inevitable and making it much, much worse when the truth does come out… and the truth always comes out.


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