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On Ownership

The government’s use of the word ‘public’ when defining any sort of its ideas is misleading, at best.  Publicly owned land, for instance, is not publically owned in the sense that everything else you own is yours to use and change however you see fit, more or less.

Government owned sounds significantly more treacherous, however, so I see why they do not actively label their ‘products’ that way.

When you own something, you should be expected to protect it to a level which you can accept.  Some demand that the police protect their property, but are quite disturbed when they read articles such as this one :http://www.firearmsandliberty.com/kasler-protection.html and learn that the police, generally, have absolutely no legal duty to protect you whatsoever.  Get there late and your kids die?  Too bad, we can’t possibly be expected to be everywhere at once, can we!?



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