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On support

If you are reading this, either you accidentally clicked a link and are moving on, or are still reading.  In that case, you may be interested enough to answer, what exactly do you support?  Or perhaps, whom do you support?

Do you support everything remotely tied to a certain word or person, or perhaps abstain from even reading about something or someone because of your distaste for them.

Have you ever had a friend who did something you did not like?  Was it bad enough that you ‘disowned’ them, or perhaps tried to get them to change their ways, maybe just said to yourself, “they are my friends, and what they did was wrong, but I cannot fault them for not being perfect.”

What if someone held you to such a degree of similarity that when they saw the bad thing your friend did, automatically placed blame on you as well, for being a friend and therefore a ‘supporter?’  Would you openly support them as a friend, but decry their actions, perhaps  you would drop your friend after public opinion ‘demanded it?’

Who you support can and must be seen two ways, from the way you see it, and the way others do.  This must also be taken into account when ‘visualizing’ the support others have for things or people you like, or dislike.

Support, like beauty, seems to be in the eye of the beholder.


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