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On ‘wings’

Have you heard of the warmongering, bible thumping right wing that blows the warhorn to enrich their corporate buddies?  What about the commie liberal left, whose only goal is to enrich their union buddies and get government into controlling everything in order to make us safe from any possible threat from lead paint and global warming, to offensive speech and violent cartoons?

What has honestly changed from W to O?  R to D?  More wars, (note: the others aren’t over yet,) more corporate bailouts, way more spending, ‘better’ healthcare (Medicare Part D and prescription drugs to Obamacare,) more things to fear (first the PATRIOT act was supposed to protect us, now the NDAA is our only hope, and both were widely embraced by both ‘wings’) and the list could be added to – probably all day long.

So again, I ask, what exactly has changed from the last administration to this one?  What will change when the pre-approved feather from the right wing is finally anointed as chosen one, almost to the point of simply being ‘not the left feather’?

Answer these questions for yourself.  Think about what would be true change from the two wings of the same bird of prey.

Only wars with real threats for explicit purposes from legitimate sources, less spending, more freedom and less fear, healthcare that doesn’t come only from the good graces (and fickle pocketbooks) of government handlers, and no more corporate bailouts…  Where would a change like this come from?  Who has asked for such a thing?


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