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On college

I recently dropped out of college after receiving my Associate’s in psychology.

I have always had a dream, which I now see as a pipe dream, to be a psychiatrist/psychologist, helping people who can’t really help themselves, or doing what i can to better mankind.

…then I went to school for it.

I saw the costs…  I saw the regulations that States require for anyone dreaming of similar goals… I saw the requirements to ‘systemize’ mental health, where only those with degrees can ‘learn’, and only those with licenses can ‘teach.’

Instead, I dropped out.  I work full-time at a job that I do not love, but pays the bills and I work quite hard at it.  I have slowly moved up and improved myself at it, and because of it.  Had I foregone college I would have lost the opportunity to see how poorly laid out the ‘system’ truly is, and how much of a downright scam it is, but I would have earned significantly more money by working more hours that I had devoted to filling out papers and reading books that I paid hundereds of dollars for, when the information is free on the internet.

That is how ‘higher education’ works, it is also how government works.  Arbitrarily expensive requirements for little to no economic improvement.


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