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On ‘Universal’ Healthcare

This essay was written to our local paper in response to a very pro-Obamacare op-ed, the other day, if not today.
“The United States does have universal health care, in contradiction to the assertions made by Mr. Snedeker.  We provide 100% guaranteed access to services to the most needy.  You know, the ones in an emergency.  You can thank the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, which quite literally covers everyone, sick and old, young and virile.  Take care of the children?  Well, we currently do that also, with the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides services to those 200% or below the poverty line.  How much more needy can you be?
Healthcare for the elderly?  We have MEDICARE for that, and it’s so great there are 14 supplemental policies outlined at Medicare.gov alone to cover things that Medicare.gov acknowledges it will not cover, not to mention the 15+ companies per policy page offered by groups such as Avera Select, and who can forget the AARP (who also helped cram the oh-so-“derisively”-termed ‘Obamacare’ down our throats – with the help of our well-meaning legislators on a highly partisan vote.  The rollcall vote is viewable at the Senate website).
Who else needs coverage?  The poor in general?  We’ve got Medicaid.gov.  “Medicaid and CHIP provide health coverage for 60 million Americans” – right from the splash page of their website.  That’s 20 million more than you say STILL are not covered by insurance.  Including Social Security, these few Federal programs comprise nearly 43% of all spending the government does.  Almost half of all spending from 4 programs, or $1.3T.
How much more should we spend?  Will this program be enough?  Obamacare, in all its greatness, doesn’t get rid of Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP.  In fact, it siphoned money from Medicare in order to make itself look less expensive.  I’m all for ending the programs that don’t work, but starting a bigger one (that also won’t work) in their place makes just as little sense as having a whole bushel basket of them that obviously don’t work, or else you wouldn’t have written such a thought out and page-dominating essay about the shoddy healthcare we “receive” in this country.
What I fail to understand, is why do people continue to fly to the US for treatment?  Even Michael Moore (director of the single-payer Canada’s system-loving film, “Sicko,”) went to a private weight loss clinic in Miami, Pritikin Longevity Center, to try to control his weight.  In fact, the only time I ever even read about someone leaving the US to go to another country, is when the FDA will not approve the treatment in the US.
And as for the comments about the ‘constitutionality charade,’ I ask that you remember we are not a Saudi Monarchy, where the government is ruled by decree, we are a Constitutional republic, founded by people who realized the disgusting reality of life under the same idiotic style of government that Mr. Snedeker left, where people are better than you by virtue of their born-into family.  I was born into royalty, so I deserve your fealty.  Ridiculous.  In America, the Constitution is the law, and just because you find it ‘immoral’ to *NOT* force someone to do what you want (logical?), that does not mean you can simply demand the government do it for you.
And, while you’re in America, feel free to donate to any charity you wish, or just give it directly to the people you want to help.  I will never stop you, nor will I ask a legislator to do it for me.”

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