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On Socialism’s Great Successes

Social Security – $20.5T in unfunded obligations according to its own actuaries

Medicare – $38.6T in unfunded obligations according to its own Trustees

Unemployment – 2007 OECD Employment outlook even acknowledges that increasing benefits bring increased length of use of those benefits.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – two of the single biggest linchpins, if not culprits, in the housing bubble collapse for backing MANY underfunded and non-creditworthy homebuyers? Then, when people realize their cash is in danger, pull out of the market and it all collapses?

Corporate welfare – Who begs for welfare other than those who A. Get it, or B. Make money (or take the ‘moral high-ground’) off of ensuring it is given?  …moral high-ground gained from forcing people to do what you want them to do.

Farm subsidies – The biggest recipient of Farm subsidies doesn’t do a ‘lick’ of farmwork himself. He’s a corporate farm owner. He wouldn’t let John Stossel videotape his jet hangar.  Also, the average farmer makes twice what the rest of us make.


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